Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Opportunities Exchange Germany

In many ways Germany is cutting edge. When it comes to engineering, high quality car making, statics, high-speed trains, high tech equipment for medical purposes or oil-drilling....you'll find that Germany is running the show.

But there are so many soft skills the country is desperately lacking. Things that are taken for granted in Britain and elsewhere. Things that those countries even may have reached saturation point in.

Let me explain this a bit further. A post-war society was re-erected via manufacturing and engineering. The success was palpable and overwhelming, so why invest or even care about, say communication, negotiating skills,creativity, PR, aesthetics, building comfort zones, or even something so fundamental as MAKING THINGS FUN.

All those things you'd be looking in vain for in Gemany (outside a purely private sphere of course.) But these are assets and skills that translate directly into jobs. Putting it bluntly - there's a lot of money to be earned in Germany in areas which haven't been tapped into yet. The demand is definitely there, the money is there but what's lacking is entrepreneurial people with creative skills.

I have lived and worked in Germany for long enough (mostly in the creative sector) to know where the opportunities are. And also the pitfalls, as Germany can still be a very closed-off country which easily frustrates any newcomer.

So I'm thinking of setting up an Opportunities Exchange where people can post ideas, vacancies or even just share needs and state what they could offer themselves.

So if you've got any skills that you think might be valuable, please get in touch. It really could be anything, from party planning services to copy-writing, from food photography to birthday card designer... I wont't be able to fix you up with a contract but  I can point you in the right direction. Likewise, if you are in Germany, and think of any areas where creative and other talent is lacking, let us know!

I'm currently not looking into monetizing this, so there's no hidden agenda. As it is an exchange, please also let us know when you spot opportunities - other people will be interested!


  1. This Opportunities Exchange could be in demand.

    I've done this for years, but mostly as an extra benefit for my students. Many needed information about regulations in Germany (a certain question about a traffic sign), or where to take a course in psychology (held in English), and so much more.

    All this has enriched my own archives. Up until now, I have only stored it, but I will be sure share it here if applicable.

    1. Thanks, Maria the whole project should be collaborative, and I know you have wide experience in this field - would love to talk about it with you!

  2. This is a spectacular idea. I’ll support you in this initiative. i need to formalize a work plan and then communicate it with you.


  3. Aziz, thank you very muchfor your supportand encouragement! That means a lot when one is in the early stages of a project.

  4. If it is a very good idea, looking forward to see the next steps of the project.
    I could collaborate also.



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