Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Pirate-Party: Male, Badly-dressed and Right-wing

A Psychogram of the German "Pirate-Party" Voter

This is original research. It is based on observations and conversations with people of my acquaintance, in real life and online. Journalists: If you want to quote - only with acknowledgemt of the source, full name/blog URL.

  • Overwhelmingly male
  • People from mainly lowly backgrounds who are often first- generation graduates of a technical discipline
  • Few interests in life, totally focussed on the internet (not the content side of it but the workings of)
  • Lonely, often deliberate loners, self-styled nerds and geeks for want of a better term of belonging anywhere. If there is a partner, the relationship is more pragmatic than romantic
  • Curiously often over-weight (probably resulting from their only interest: staring at a screen), often pale and bloated looking  (probably due to disinterest in food and a penchant for junk food to go with the self-defintion as "nerd" > admiration of American stereotype)
  • Extremely badly dressed, typically: cheap t-shirt, ill-fitting jeans (often black), squelchy shoes; "Adiletten"
  • Lowly job profile, mostly working in a subordinate IT role
  • Low self-esteem, but....
  • .... Desperate wish to distinguish himself - somehow resulting in a preponderance of (very frequently) very weird beards and (sometimes) wacky hairstyles
  • Condescending attitude towards women ("no idea about technology"), thereby reiterating decade-old cliches - what their dads will have said about women drivers etc.
  • People who feel that their superior knowledge of technology is not appreciated by society and therefore in return despise their fellow human beings ("Idiots")
  • People who are prone to deify somebody who they regard as a technology guru (Steve Jobs!) -ready to accept, quote, and follow.
  • People who are prepared to serve as disciples if their leader shares their values, or surpasses their knowledge
  • Would like to have power but are regarded as impotent and slighty riduculous by society which they find irksome and in return causes aggression on their part
  • Potentially prepared to wear uniform-style clothing (orange ties with logo etc) Strong will to distinguish themselves as a group
  • Very widespread unacknowledged (and deep in the closet)  intense male bonding,bordering on homophilia, whilst happy to spout homophobic jokes etc. to distract
  • Openly anti-semitic, masquerading as media-based and informed anti-zionism
  • Established authority is rejected outhand, but "own" authoritarian leadership would be accepted
  • Self-definition as "anarchist", hating any "establishment", convinced that time is ripe for a "whole new order"
 My assessment of this group is that it is (as yet) still deeply unaware of its ultimate destination. Thereby providing a fertile, unconscious ground for any potential exploitation of a diffuse mass dissatisfaction. Combined with a lack of any cultural, idealistic or (in the broadest sense) bourgeois values, this group is open and ready to be shaped in a potentially very hazardous way.

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